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MARMARA ELEKTRİK ELEKTRONİK SAN. and TİC. LTD. STI. interestIt has started its manufacturing activities in the Small Electrical Household Appliances sector in order to provide employment and added value to our country since 1985 by further developing its experience.

In the developing times, our company has produced various products with our patent registered Jackson, Johnson, Ametek brands in our own name and produced for sale both in our country and abroad.

On the other hand, as a result of achieving rapid production opportunities without sacrificing quality, it has signed contracts with reputable companies in our country and has made contract manufacturing with the brands registered in their own names and continues to do so.

Our company, which made mold and production investments in Hotel and Wet Area Equipments, needs and consumables used in general spaces at the beginning of the 2000s, launched its successful products into the market in a short time. Our products are sold wherever there is trade and can be used wherever there is consumption. In the 2010s, our company has made new breakthroughs and added new varieties to its product range in its field and continues to do so. While our company was looking for brands to be registered in its own name in 1985, when our company was looking for brands to be registered in its own name, in the environment at that time, the names of Jackson, Johnson, Ametek brands were registered by the consumers as a country, and when we come to the present day, since the interest in domestic goods, that is, Turkish goods, has grown, Cansın, Wigo, New names and trademark registrations have been added to MegaFön, MaxiFön, KuaFön, ProFön, MidiFön, MiniFön brands.

Since production and sales are separate branches, a new company has been established in order to be more successful in both areas, and sales are separated from production and operate in Marketing and Sales in this newly established company. Marmara Elektrik Elektronik Tic. Ltd. Sti. It is mainly manufacturing and supplies the materials it produces to Marmara Wet Area Equipments and Electrical Home Appliances Marketing Ltd. Ltd. Şti. Thus, companies are managed more professionally in terms of production and sales.

In the course of time, our company stepped into the e-commerce system for retail and mass sales and activated the Marmara Virtual Store in mid-2012 www.marmara724.comIt makes retail sales more conveniently to consumers at the address  . Our company, which has developed itself in the e-commerce system, also makes sales on Online Marketplace sites such as,, in line with the intense demands.

Our products are sold in cosmetics, consumer goods, electrical appliances, souvenirs, hardware, hardware store, durable consumer goods dealers, markets, wet volume equipment dealers, medical product dealers, promoters, multinational and local chain stores, hotels, motels, restaurants, fairs, It is used in hospitals, schools, sports complexes, fuel stations and many other wet areas.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our company is always committed to satisfying its customers against problems that may arise. Our company is always a candidate to increase its variety, to increase its range, to progress towards the top of its sector in production and trade life, without compromising its quality, honesty and services.

We would like to express our gratitude and respect to our business partners, suppliers, industrialists, staff, customers and all consumers who prefer our products.

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